Formulaic sequences and perceived oral proficiency By nc

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Boers, F. et al. (2006). Formulaic sequences and perceived oral proficiency: Putting a lexical approach to the test. Language Teaching Research, 10(3), 245-261. doi:
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O'Reilly, D. et al.
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01 November 2018
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Type of instruction
Experimental group: 22 hours of authentic audio, visual and textual language input, a range of activities, with attention directed towards formulaic sequences. Control group: Same as experimental, except attention directed towards ‘interesting’ grammar patterns/words, but not formulaic sequences
Amount of instruction
22 classroom hours

O'Reilly, D. et al. (2018). Formulaic sequences and perceived oral proficiency. OASIS Summary of Boers, F. et al. (2006) in Language Teaching Research.